de Tarczal

A Century of History

The History


Once the vineyard “de TARCZAL” was in the possession of an old-established family of Trentino, the family of the count ALBERTI which became known above all by one of her descending archbishop of Trento.
In the family de TARCZAL the vineyard is for over 100 years. At that time the countess ALBERTI Gèza married an admiral of the Austro-Hungarian imperial army, named DELL’ADAMI de TARCZAL, and brought the vineyard with her into marriage. The admiral came from a wine-growing-propelling area, from Tarczal, a Hungarian village close to Tokai. The wines of this region were the most favoured wine of the Russian Tsarina Katharina.




The Land

Vallagarina Valley

The cradle for our grapes



panoramica su Rovereto vista da Patone, Trentino


the Land

For centuries the valley Vallagarina in northern Italy is renowned for its fine quality and variety of distinguished grapes. The distinctive taste of its wine is now favoured by international connoisseurs.

The quality of its Cabernet Franc, Marzemino and Schiava, all characteristic regional sorts of wine, results from two main factors, a gift of nature and human dedication.
The soil, rich in basalt, and the ideal climate provide the perfect habitation for our fine grapes. Adding patience, carefulness and expertise of the viticulturist, wine becomes its quality, taste and uniqueness.
Geographically, the vineyards are located at the mid-height of the mountains on the right side of the River Adige. As long as can be remembered, grapes have been growing on our lands and wine has been produced in our cellars, with records dating back to the mid 1600’s.

Our objective is to produce genuine, traditional wine of high quality and the typical taste of Trentino. Therefore we use only a selection of grapes from our own vineyards and apply traditional and well proved wine making procedures.

The Cellar

Selection, passion and professionalism

the grapes become wine

The Cellar

our wines

Since the 15th century and ever since, Marzemino – our speciality – is grown in the area of Trentino. Marzemino was one of the most-respected wines at the imperial court in Vienna. In the 18th century the wine became not at least by the opera “Don Giovanni” of Mozart very popular: “L’eccellente Marzemino, piano, piano, lo vo’ gustar…” (“the excellent Marzemino I slowly, slowly want enjoy…”)
The maturation of our delicate wines takes place in our underground cellars, where constant temperature and humidity can be guaranteed all year round. Our wines are carefully stored in selected old wooden barrels to enhance their bouquet and quality.

Discover the individual characters of our wines…

Our Wines